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Air2Water - Basic Concept
Air2Water - Basic Concept

The DewPointe™ is best described as an atmospheric water generators using technology (developed and patented by Worldwide Water, Inc.) that extracts pure drinking water from the air. The machine first pulls air through an electrostatic filter removing 93% of all air borne particles. As the machine collects the water it drops into a collection tray and immediately passes into Ultraviolet (UV) light, where the water stays in contact with UV rays for approximately 30 minutes. This kills 99.9% of all germs and bacteria in the water. The water is then pumped through a sediment screen into a 24 volt water pump, and back through two (2) solid carbon block 1 micron water filters, NSF 53 approved, which removes 99.9% of any volatile organic chemicals(VOCs) that may be in the water. It is also filtered through our proprietary Ultrafiltration (UF) with membrane pore size of 0.015 micron to remove virtually all bacterian and common viruses. The water then goes through a half calcite, half GAC mineral additive where it is then pumped into a reservoir tank. The water is then recycled every hour through the UV and back into the reservoir tank. The water is then chilled or heated and dispensed to the consumers.

The DewPointe™ dispenses water with suspended solids more than 65 times lower than the World Health Organization (WHO) standard. Turbitity is over 60 times lower than the WHO standard and residual chlorine is more than 100 times lower. Click here to see a complete water quality report.

Both the XZIEX "Elite"and "Pro" models produce between 16 and 38 Litres (4 to 10 gallons) of pure drinking water every 24 hours, depending on the model and relative humidity in the air. depending on the humidity in the air. Electronic sensors placed within, ensures that the machine stops operation once the tank is full.

Air2Water - Product Claims These generators also cleanse the air as they produce water by using an electrostatic air filter, which removes ninety percent (93%) of all airborne particles.

Pure drinking water can be produced in your own home and/or office. No more trips to the store or carrying heavy jugs of water. No more relying on service from bottled drinking water companies. No more big, bulky bottles to store. No more heavy water bottles to change.

All Air2Water water generating machines are energy and cost efficient. Studies have been carried out to determine the cost of producing water with Air2Water water generating machines. Results show that the units produce pure drinking water at $ 0.04 to $ 0.13 per Litre.

These results are dependent upon location, as electricity rates vary, along with humidity and temperature. These variables all factor into the cost of operation.

Chemicals that are usually present in normal tap and filtered tap water, such as chlorine, and fluoride are not present in the water produced by Air2Water water generating machines. These chemicals are usually added to the water by city and county water departments. Research has shown that too much chlorine contributes to certain types of cancer. Studies on fluoride in drinking water are inconclusive as to the amount of good or harm caused.

We produce water of the highest quality using all natural substances to filter and purify, just as nature intended. We have carefully researched and selected the best natural minerals for our filtration system. This not only results in great tasting water, but water that is healthy to drink.

Air2Water Technology
Air2Water Technology Air2Water technology is unique, as no other air-to-water technology products are offered commercially in the U.S. or International markets. This technology maximizes temperature, airflow, and surface area for optimum water production.

A condensation unit receives humid airflow and condenses water vapor into liquid. This process is known as atmospheric condensation. Water is filtered and treated by bacteria-killing devices such as ultraviolet light before it can be dispensed. Water produced by the DewPointe™ water generation machines is pure and safe for human consumption and exceeds established U.S. and International Public Health standards, including the NSF 53 standard. NSF 53 is the top U.S. benchmark for drinking water and includes the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Volatile Organic Compound pollutants are removed by two (2) NSF 53 approved filters. Volatile organic chemicals such as Ether have proven extremely difficult to remove by filtration methods of the past, but will not be present in the water generated by an DewPointe™ water generation machine.

Water is extracted from naturally present moisture in the air, treated with UV technology and circulated continually through the proprietary UltraFiltration membrane (UF) to attain its purest state.

The DewPointe™ patented technology is optimised to remove a wide range of contaminants, including chemicals, odours, sediment and other particulate matter.

1. Ambient air is pulled through a patented antibacterial filter to remove airborne particles and contaminants. Besides harmful pathogens such as airborne viruses, The DewPointe™ removes excess humidity for a safer, more comfortable environment. With less moisture in the air, your air-conditioning electrical consumption is lowered as less energy is used to cool the environment.
2.-4. Vapour in the air is condensed in a collection tray and disinfected |with UV light. The resulting water then passes through the 04proprietary HFC to remove organics odours and dissolved impurities. Most of the fine waterborne contaminants including bacteria, viruses, parasites and other disease-causing agents, are removed when the water is sent through the DewPointe™ Ultrafiltration membranes. The system also contains granulated activated carbons to remove total organic carbons, foul tastes, odours and colour. UV disinfection occurs for a second time.
5. As a final safeguard measure, water is disinfected with UV light in the storage tank to ensure the removal of bacteria and viruses before it is pumped into the hot & cold tank, ready for dispensing.
6. Cold Water Dispenser
7. Heater
8. Hot Water Dispenser
9. If not consumed, stored aquovated water in the cold tank is re-circulated through the UF and UV light to retain its optimum purity and freshness.

Ultraviolet treatment, in most cases is the most important step in the any purification process. The DewPointe™ technology frst exposes water to 2 rounds of intense dosage of UV light which acts as a highly effective germicidal sterilant and destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae and protozoa.

• UV light destroys a microorganism by scrambling its DNA structure
• The cells are rendered sterile and cannot reproduce
• The cells are dead and no longer a threat

Ultraviolet light happens all around us naturally in sunlight. The light is divided by wavelengths into three bands: A, B and C. Out of these three wavelengths, Uvc is the shortest, and therefore the most powerful light. Short wave ultraviolet in the region of 253.7 nanometers is lethal to microorganisms including bacteria, protozoa, viruses, moulds, yeasts, nematode eggs and algae.

Treating water with UV technology is preferred over the conventional method of using chemicals like chlorine. UV light destroys micro-organisms by fragmenting their DNA structures, rendering them sterile and unable to multiply.

During aquovation™, UV disinfection actually occurs three times to ensure the purity and freshness of aquovated water. Free from nitrate and chloride, this makes aquovated water ideal for children and babies.

UV light is naturally present in sunlight. It is divided by wavelength into three bands: A, B and C.

Uva (315 - 400nm) Uvb (280 - 315mm) Uvc (200 - 280mm)
Often used in UV curving and photochemical reasons. Used in scientific purposes e.g. genetic visualisation. Shortest wavelength, therefore the most powerful.

Short UV wavelengths in the region of 253.7 nanometers are lethal to microorganisms including bacteria, nematode eggs, viruses, moulds, and algae 3.

Wavelengths in the range of 260 to 265 nanometers are most effective in killing microbes. By damaging their DNA, UV light prevents bacteria and viruses from duplicating. A cell that cannot reproduce is considered dead as it is unable to multiply to infectious numbers within a host.

UV technology is therefore held as an effective and efficient way of destroying bacteria in water. It is often used in ultra pure water systems for disinfection and removal of organics.

"Known carcinogens are found in drinking water as a direct consequence of chlorination, a long established public health practice for the disinfection of drinking water."

- Municipal Environmental Research Laboratory, Francis T. Mayo, Director

Legionella pneumophila Legionnaires disease
Leptospira interrogans Infectious jaundice
Mycobacterium tuberculosis Tuberculosis causative
Neisseria catarrhalis Parasite
Salmonella enteritidis Gastroenteritis
Salmonella paratyphi Enteric fever
Salmonella typhimurium Gastroenteritis
Salmonella typhosa Typhoid fever
Shigella dysenteriae Dysentery
Staphylococcus epidermidis Staph Infection (skin)
Vibrio cholerae Cholera
Mould Spores
Penicillum digitatum -
Baker's yeast -
Brewer's yeast -
Common yeast cake -
Saccharomyces var. -
Bacteriophage E. Coli
Hepatitus virus Hepatitus
Influenza virus Common flu