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Breaking Water News:

Water crisis to be biggest world risk

More than 5 trillion gallons of bottled water is shipped internationally each year. News Center

What is the Real Cost of Bottled Water?
It takes 3 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of bottled water! Fill your water bottle ¼ full of oil; that is how much oil is needed to make just one bottle.

Water Bottles Cause 'Water' Lip Wrinkles

VIDEO: Heavy Water Bottle Drinkers Develop Mouth Wrinkles

Water Looms as “The Next Oil”
Water and Wastewater News

Additional Water News:

Scientists Fear Chemical in Plastic Could Be Harmful

Bottles, bottles, everywhere

H2O: The Next Big Commodity

Water: The World Is Facing a Dire Shortage of This Essential Element

Gore calls Middle East water crisis part of global climate change

Sewer to Spigot: Recycled Water

At Least 36 U.S. States Face Water Shortage


More Recent Water News.

PennDOT says it's working to alleviate water shortage
Leader Times - Kittanning,PA,USA
By Renatta Signorini A project manager working in Templeton said he is trying to get a permanent solution for three homes that were left without water ...

Impending water shortage for Philippine city
Water Technology Online - Latham,NY,USA
SORSOGON CITY, Philippines Ronaldo Barbono, an engineer and general manager of the Sorsogon City Water District (SCWD), announced that the city could lose ...

Rajbiraj people face water shortage
Gorkhapatra - Kathmandu,Nepal
29: At least 2000 people here have been affected badly after the Nepal Water Supply Corporation slashed water supply to them for the last two years.

Georgia remains fifth among fastest-growing states
Online Athens (subscription) - Athens,GA,USA
"A lot of that is going to change because of the water shortage," he said. "Basically, it has the potential to slow down Georgia's growth. ...

Michael Aguirre: SD Should Declare Water Shortage Emergency
XETV FOX6 San Diego - San Diego,CA,USA
In addition to declaring a water shortage emergency, city officials should focus more on water conservation and recycling, expand storage facilities, ...

South Florida water shortage may lead to change in building codes
TCPalm - West Palm Beach,FL,USA
BY ANDY REID Sun-Sentinel New building rules could follow tougher water restrictions as part of the Treasure Coast's conservation push. ...

Energy and Resources Water problems ahead if ethanol continues to expand A special National Academies National Research Council (NRC) committee that convened last summer found that a significant increase in ethanol production from corn could negatively impact water quality and availability in the United States, according to a report issued Oct. 10.

Where's the water?  Water. If you've got it, you probably take it for granted. But a quick scan of the globe -- and a chat with the..

Top stories of 2007 include water cuts, gang crime
Petaluma Argus-Courier - Petaluma,CA,USA
Critics complain that the casino would exacerbate environmental, traffic, water shortage and crime problems. Supporters claim that the tribe has worked hard ...

South Florida water shortage may lead to change in building codes
TCPalm - West Palm Beach,FL,USA
BY ANDY REID Sun-Sentinel New building rules could follow tougher water restrictions as part of the Treasure Coast's conservation push. ...

Excl: Cherrapunjee runs out of water
Business Standard - Mumbai,Maharashtra,India
Cherrapunjee, which receives around 11000-millimetre rainfall every year, has been facing severe water shortage during post-monsoon and winter season for ...

Water shortage in Asia
The Asian Pacific Post - Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada
One out of five people in the region do not have access to safe drinking water while half of the population in the Asia-Pacific region, equating to a ...

Rapid growth fuels shortage of water in Palm Springs area
Contra Costa Times - Walnut Creek,CA,USA
By Gillian Flaccus AP PALM SPRINGS -- This desert oasis sold itself for decades on water and all the luxury it brings: strings of emerald golf courses, ...

Don't Drink the Water

Two reservoirs which supply drinking water to parts of eastern and central Los Angeles were shut down after officials found them contaminated with high levels of a chemical that can cause cancer, according to a report on

Water shortage hits nearly 1M people in China
USA Today - USA
BEIJING (AP) Nearly one million people lack drinking water in a southern Chinese province that is suffering its worst water shortage in more than 50 years ...

Drought of '08 brings clarity to the term 'regionalization'
The Tennessean - Nashville,TN,USA
The water shortage has raised awareness among various local governments about natural asset management and the need to establish communication and ...

Drip, drip, drip: Spouts run short of water again
Gorkhapatra - Kathmandu,Nepal
"We face severe water shortage during the dry season," he said. For drinking we have to buy 'mineral' water, but for other things, there is very little ...

Colorado Signs A Historic Agreement With Six States To Deal With ...
Denver, Colorado (AHN) - To deal with the water shortage and the worst drought in the history of the state, Colorado along with six other Western states ...

Chronic Water Shortages Hit Rural Chinese Hard
But the gasping fields are going to need more than water wheels. The eternal water shortage here is evident in the names of area landmarks: Shout for Water ...

No Solution to Drought in Sight: Atlanta Water Czar
Daily Green - USA
Instead, the state focused its efforts on ramping up energy conservation through incentives and education, and the power shortage was solved faster than ...

Zimbabwe: Byo a Victim of Dangerous Political Games - Tsvangirai - Washington,USA
A major human catastrophe has been allowed to fester in Bulawayo, with a water shortage that is slowly, but surely, grating itself towards a messy spectacle ...

Army's power projects fail to take off
The Statesman - Kolkata,India
While the micro hydel projects are not functioning well due to water shortage in the region, the Jammu and Kashmir government has refused to take over the ...

Water complaints flood CDA's CCC
Daily Times - Lahore,Pakistan
This wastage causes water shortage mostly in summer. According to the official, the CCC will gradually replace the conventional methodology of resolution of ...

Drought prompts one-day-a-week water restrictions
WBBH - Fort Myers,FL,USA
How does restricting landscape irrigation help address the water shortage? Landscape irrigation accounts for up to half of all household water consumption ...

Water Shortage in Letcher County Community
WTVQ - Lexington,KY,USA
In the midst of flooding rain officials in Fleming-Neon have declared a state of emergency because of a shortage of drinking water. ...

State Of Emergency Issued Due To Water Shortage
WYMT - Hazard,KY,USA
The mayor of Fleming-Neon says the communities of mcroberts, Seco, Hemphill, and Haymond are also affected by the water shortage. Officials are not issuing ...

SUDAN: Water shortage fears in Darfur camps - New York,NY,USA
... home to 800000 of the 2400000 displaced people in Darfur, are potentially vulnerable to a severe water shortage in the event of a drought. ...

Federal pact would allocate Colorado River water to Western states
International Herald Tribune - France
The agreement, the product of two and a half years of negotiation and study, establishes criteria for the Interior Department to declare a shortage on the ...

CAPITAL COLUMN: Water issues dominate coming weeks
Naples Daily News - Naples,FL,USA
"There is nothing like a lingering water shortage to get everyone talking and now is the time to be doing it," Buermann told summit attendees. ...

States agree on plan to make water last
Arizona Republic - Phoenix,AZ,USA
The drought plan can't keep the lakes from shrinking further if dry conditions persist and could trigger the first shortage as early as 2010. ...
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